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My 2017 New Year's Gaming Resolution

2016 is over and in the ashes comes a new year with new games and new goals to strive for. I know it’s cliche to do a New Year’s resolution, but I haven’t done one in years. Instead of doing a all-around normal resolution, I thought of composing one highly focused on gaming.

So here is my New Year’s gaming resolution for 2017.

1. One Game At A Time

This has been a problem 4 years in the making. I tend to jump between 3-4 games at a time, resulting in a lot of unfinished games.


This is my fault. I tend to buy games left and right when there’s a sale going on, so my backlog is filled with unplayed and unfinished games. I keep telling myself I’ll play them one day.

Resolution: Starting 2017, I’ll hinder myself by only buying a new game once I’ve completed the game I bought prior. (Please give me strength to ignore all the sales.)


2. Reviewing The Backlog

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As I mentioned earlier, I have a backlog of games on multiple consoles, and I don’t want them to go unfinished or unmentioned.

Resolution: I’m going to start off by playing through my Playstation 4 backlog and writing reviews for each one I knock out. I should have a list of every game on my PS4 backlog by the first week of January, so you can follow it if you like.


3. More Indie

During 2016 I missed out on a lot of interesting indie titles like Oxenfree, Inside, The Witness, and much more!


Resolution: Well this is simple... play more indie titles rather than big open world AAA games.

4. Less Hype

2016 had it’s share of over hyped games that turned out to be disappointing (I’m looking at you No Man’s Lie). But this has been a disease that’s plagued the gaming industry for a while now.


Big gaming company’s like Ubisoft show game footage at E3 that don’t exactly compare with what they actually release, and there is a big difference between what is given to us and what we were shown.

Resolution: Don’t fall victim to large corporate gaming companies, maaannn. Just kidding. No, but seriously try not to get too hyped over a game.


5. Stream

This almost feels like a dirty plug-in, but I’m pretty excited to do this.

I’ve had a Twitch account for a couple years now, and rarely used it. This past year, I’ve been on it more watching both big and small-time streamers on my down time. I guess all that watching has gone to my head that I felt inspired to livestream with my friends for the laughs.


I spent the past month working on a decent profile for people to look at, and learning the ins and out through helpful tutorial videos. Still working out the kinks so bare with me.

Resolution: I don’t have a fixed schedule, but I’m aiming for night streams with a minimum of 3-4 hours of air time, streaming as often as I can until I get a organized schedule. Feel free to stop by and say hi anytime.


6. Write. Write. Write.

Next to feeding my gaming addiction I have a writing wrist that I need to let flick. During those times, I write short stories, poems, and skits. I want to focus more on gaming pieces.


I’ve written about video games before but took a break from it to write about other things.

Resolution: Kotaku has been a great platform to write on. The site has a great gaming community to engage with, so I’m going to continue writing here for the conversations. The goal is to write one post a week with at least one review a month.


Here’s to an awesome 2017 to everyone. What about you guys, what are some your New Year’s resolution gaming related or not?

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